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Sports Illustrated released their list for the top ten best dressed athlete and Russell Westbrook, one of the NBA’s best point guards, came in second place. Russell is notorious for his ensemble choices, often turning basketball hallways into his own personal runway.

When the NBA began to enforce its dress code to usher its players out of the baggy jeans, big chains, and over-sized t-shirt era, many thought David Stern was being too harsh on the players. After all, here is a grown man telling other grown men making millions of dollars a year what they can and can’t wear. Players like Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James (who are number three and seven on this list) took that rule change and ran with it, finding ways to own their individuality in a more sophisticated manner.

Russell spoke to SI about his style and where he gets his inspiration from.

“I get inspiration from a lot of things. For basketball we travel a lot and I’m able to visit hotels and see different fabrics and art on the walls. I also get inspiration from women’s wear. It’s very interesting to see how the clothes are made and how they mix and match different pieces. A lot of people may like to wear nice clothes, but some do not really understand where fashion comes from.”

According to SI, Victor Cruz is the only athlete that dresses better than Westbrook, as Victor landed at number one. He links his love of fashion to his attention to detail and also, to a bit of friendly competition.

“I think my clothes show that I pay attention to detail, take time to get dressed and think about outfits well in advance, which is all very true. And there’s a little bit of pressure. You want to go out there and step it up to make sure you look as good as the Cam Newtons and Odell Beckhams of the world because they go out there and they have custom pieces every week.”

Serena Williams and Henry Lundqvist round out the top rest of the top five. Christian Ronaldo, Andre Iguodala, Misty Copeland, and Skylar Diggins complete the top ten.