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In November, L.A. Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was shot twice in the head. Today, he’s back to running routes on the field.

The horrifying incident left the 25-year-old in intensive care for a month and no one was sure if he’d be able to pull through. But judging by the workout videos he’s been posting to Instagram, Bailey might be on the field sooner than we thought.

His most recent video proves he’s just as explosive on the turf as before the accident.

In another inspirational clip, Bailey can be seen working out in the gym with Sylvester Stallone‘s famous line from Rocky – “It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward” – playing in the background.

Bailey was a star at West Virginia before he was drafted by the Rams in 2013 in the third round. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher made it abundantly clear that Bailey’s recovery takes precedence over getting back into the NFL.

Despite his will to return, it’s unclear if Bailey has been cleared by doctors to embark on the Rams’ first season as an L.A. franchise.


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