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All these years later, Tatyana Ali has become the beautiful and insightful woman everyone expected she’d be.

If you hadn’t heard, the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actress is engaged and expecting her first child with Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, whom she met online – the start of an exciting new chapter in her life.

Still, the 37-year-old mom and wife-to-be is making room for her first love – acting – and will star in a new TV movie, Second Sight, due on the small screen this Saturday. Second Sight follows the story of Clara Randall (Ali), a teacher who’s haunted by premonitions of kidnappings. Throughout the TV One thriller, Clara struggles with understanding her gift and convincing others it’s real. It’s only when she foresees one of her student’s kidnappings that she takes the situation into her own hands.

Global Grind got the chance to talk to Tatyana and her castmate, White Collar actor Sharif Atkins, about Second Sight and more. Tatyana had this to say about her initial reaction to the script and character:

“Actually, I thought Clara was so interesting – and just the places that I would have to go as an actor to play her. First it took me to fear (laughs). No, honestly. It was like, ‘Could I do this? Could I do this? How would I do this if I did it?’… It’s scary… but that’s always the exciting part. I get to explore something brand new, kind of like a very personal adventure.” She continued, “Also knowing who the cast was, was really great because then you know that you can really go there.”

On whether she’ll do more thrillers and the importance of finding your self-worth:

“I had a great time. I had such an amazing time. It was very intense, but it was really fun. It’s fun to go to all those different places. I really liked Clara very much. I liked her story, this woman learning to trust herself. I think that’s a really important story to tell and I thought it would be really interesting to see somebody go through that process of self-confidence and self-worth and believing in yourself. I also loved the fact that what this little girl was possibly kidnapped for – trafficking – is mentioned. It’s something that goes on in the Black and brown communities. Our little girls are taken at incredibly alarming numbers and I haven’t seen a story that really talks about that yet on TV.” 

On how she’s managed to stay so young, happy, and fresh-faced over the years:

“Well, my parents are from the Caribbean. My mom is from Panama and she always said not to do too much – not too many facials, just keep everything really clean. Honestly, there’s no better thing in the world than water and sleep. It sounds crazy, but water, sleep, and I’m a meditator. It’s funny, you know, you think it’s kind of like a vanity thing, talking about how you look or how you appear to people, but I started meditating four years ago and since that time, people around me and very close friends say I look like I’ve gotten younger. My stress levels have totally changed. It’s an inside job more than anything else.”

Tune in to TV One on April 23 at 8 p.m. EST to watch Clara’s story. And speaking of the young and fresh-faced Tatyana Ali, check out some throwback ’90s photos of her below. You’ve got to love her!

PHOTO CREDIT: TV One, Matt Harbicht