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Before DJ Khaled was giving us major keys on Snapchat and no-holds-barred podcast stars like Taxstone were dropping life advice, there was Ghostface Killah.

Ghost has always been known as the Wu Tang Clan member with the most bravado and humor, and the best part is that he’s being 100 percent himself. Let’s not forget when he put Action Bronson on blast in the most poetically gangster way, or when he had beef with pharma-bro Martin Shkreli.


In honor of Ghost (aka Pretty Tony, aka Ghostdini’s) birthday, check out our list of every time he gave us vital wisdom in the most Ghostface way possible.

When he explained what to do when two of your girlfriends confront you at the same time: “You may have to take a few blows to the face. As long as you get them off evenly.”

When he discussed the importance of personal hygiene: “Don’t just brush your teeth, scrub your tongue.” 

When he gave his advice on the importance of eating dinner as a family and eating on a budget: “I still eat ‘Roman’ Noodles. It’s mad ways to eat it, just think about it and look in the cabinet. You can put something over them Roman noodles.”

When he explained how to deal with a girl who creeps through your phone while you’re sleeping: “I advise y’all to stay away from those type of women. Be careful.” 

On allowing women to poop at his house: “Everyone sh*ts. As long she lights some incense or candles after, you shouldn’t mind.” 

On being a real hustler: “We bobbing and weaving cops, fights, everything. Every piece of gum you see stuck to the ground, we been there since those days.”

On having style: “When you walk out the house, make sure you match. Make sure your Kmart gear is official.” 


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