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Paterson, New Jersey, where y’all at?

On their newest joint release, Fetty Wap and his Remy Boyz bestie Monty pay tribute to their hometown hero Victor Cruz.

The song “Victor Cruz” hit the ‘net just weeks after Fetty and Monty released their street video for “Not Poppin‘.” Fetty was also recently featured on Kid Ink’s new single “Roll Sum Up” and PnB Rock’s “Jealous.”

“Countin’ up, ain’t got sh*t to do/ look at my ice, look at my jewels/ I’m bustin juugs, I stick and move/ And do my dance like Victor Cruz,” raps Monty.

After being plagued with a plethora of injuries last season, hopefully the New York Giants wide receiver will listen to this track and run circles around the competition during the upcoming NFL season.

Take a listen to “Victor Cruz” below.


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