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Wondering what a Paul McCartney and Kanye West studio session is like? Well, Sir Paul McCartney is spilling all the tea.

McCartney sat down with BBC Radio 4 to participate in their Mastertapes series and discuss his legacy as an international superstar. During the 45-minute interview, the 73-year-old spoke about his depression after the Beatles broke up and a more contemporary topic: Kanye West.

When asked about collaborating with Kanye last year, McCartney gushed, “I love Kanye. He’s so eccentric, which you have to agree with. He’s a monster. He’s a crazy guy who comes up with great stuff. He inspires me.”

McCartney went on to explain how Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” came to fruition and his role on Kanye’s “All Day.” He also revealed there was some drama surrounding his participation on “All Day” due to Kanye’s excessive use of the n-word.

“The lyrics are like…the n-word a lot,” he said. “I said great record, sir. When I got it and people heard it. Quite a few people said ‘you can’t be connected with this. It’s like 40 n-words’.”

“People like Oprah, who are a little conservative about that stuff, she says, ‘You shouldn’t do it, even Black people shouldn’t use that word.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but it’s Kanye!’ And he’s talking about an urban generation that uses that word in a completely different way. It’s the context. I was actually pleased with it,” he continued.

Watch Paul McCartney’s interview above.


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