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Oh, what a tangled web Brittney Griner and her ex-wife Glory Johnson have weaved.

After a brief marriage, which included domestic abuse allegations and arrests, Glory has moved on and found love again. This time, with a man. According to reports, Johnson is now dating 30-year-old Christopher Fry, who lives in Tennessee – just a short drive from Johnson’s parents’ home in Knoxville.

It was Fry’s parents who confirmed their son was indeed dating Johnson. They told the Daily Mail, “He’s with her in Texas.” Although the public is just discovering the relationship, judging by social media, they may have been together since February.

Dating men is not a new thing for Johnson. Back in November, she revealed to Cosmopolitan that she is straight and previously had a boyfriend in Tennessee before falling in love with Griner.

You know what they say, all is fair in love and basketball.

SOURCE: NY Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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