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Blac Chyna isn’t about to let the world (or the Kardashians) forget.

The 28-year-old appears to be continuing her victory lap against the first family of reality TV. Just when you thought the levels of petty couldn’t get any higher, she was spotted wearing a denim jacket with the words “that’ll teach ’em” emblazoned across the back.

Chyna proudly flaunted the shady attire on Snapchat. In the clip, she boasts, “How dope is this! Thank you so much! That’ll teach them… that’ll definitely teach them.”

Seeing as how she’s carrying the lone Kardashian heir in her womb, one would expect the drama to finally cease between Chy and her future in-laws. But we can’t blame her for basking in it all just a little longer.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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