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If you follow Love & Hip-Hop star Cardi B., you know all about her prison bae Tommy; Cardi has always put her love for him out on front street, even while she dated other men, like Power 105.1’s DJ Self.

To that end, the Instagram comedian took a moment to boo love on her hunk this past Memorial Day via Instagram, quoting Drake’s hit single “Controlla” for the caption steeze. I think I die for you I think I’ll lie for you,” she wrote alongside the photo. 

Cardi may have won America’s heart, but it’s her special guy who still holds onto hers from inside the joint after all these years.

Follow the social media phenomenon here for nonstop laughs. Plus, footage from that time she stopped by Global Grind and told us all about her basement butt job just below. As for Tommy, he’s currently in jail on gun charges. Check out his Instagram page here.

It’s safe to say love is in the air.


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