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Pusha T is back with a new single to follow up on Darkest Before Dawn, and he brought a heavyweight onto the track. The rapper tapped his fellow NYC native Jay Z for “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” a hard track reminiscent of the Roc Nation boss’s early albums. Clearly, Hov hasn’t lost his flow in the past couple of decades.

Once again, as he did on Fat Joe‘s “All the Way Up” remix, Jay makes reference to his wife. This time, he samples conservative pundit Tomi Lahren’s criticism of Beyoncé (when she said, “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine.”) Jay adds to the quote: “Fourteen-year drug dealer and still counting.”

Listen to the track, which is exclusively on TIDAL for the next week, below:


Of course, this release is yet another indicator that a full-fledged Jay Z album is on the horizon.