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Actor Justin Martin can kiss his squeaky clean Disney image goodbye after appearing in court on Tuesday as follow-up to his 2015 arrest in Massachusetts.

Martin, who pleaded guilty to gun charges last year, has been sentenced to serve 18 months behind bars. The actor is now speaking out, telling PEOPLE Magazine, “I have matured a great deal in the past year and had to learn some hard lessons because of my actions. I should have acted more responsibly and taken my choices more seriously.”

Police say Martin pointed a gun at officers during the 2015 incident. A spokesperson for the Suffolk County, Massachusetts district attorney’s office revealed that Martin will serve one year probation, but will be allowed to ask for the probation to be cut short if he complies with the terms by remaining drug- and alcohol-free and staying away from the area of the offense.

Martin told the judge, “This last year, I have been speaking at schools in Boston and educating high school students about making good choices, anti-gun violence and drug awareness. I focus on being accountable for your actions and emphasize that one mistake doesn’t have to define your life. I appreciate everyone’s support, especially my family and friends for standing by me and knowing that my choices that night are not reflective of my true character. I look forward to moving past this time in my life and getting back to my career. Thank you for all the positive messages and support.”

Officials were reportedly pushing for Justin to be sentenced to three years in prison, but the young star got a break.


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