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Tomi Lahren has 99 problems and being referenced on Pusha T and Jay Z’sDrug Dealers Anonymous” ain’t one.

The conservative talk show host, most known for blasting Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, fired back at the Lemonade singer’s husband for referencing her on Pusha T’s new single “Drug Dealers Anonymous.”

Pusha’s new single features a clip of Tomi denouncing Jay Z for his drug dealer past, saying, “For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home.”

On “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” Jay Z simply clapped back, rapping, “14-year drug dealer and still counting.”

Well, Tomi’s gotten wind of the reference and she’s totally here for the “free” publicity. The 23-year-old fired back at Jay and Push with some pretty clever tweets:

This morning, Tomi released a video from her show on The Blaze, in which she referred to herself as “Becky with the blonde hair” and welcomed her newfound notoriety in the rap world.

Watch Tomi’s final thoughts up top.

SOURCE: Twitter | VIDEO SOURCE: Facebook

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