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Bobby Brown sat down with Robin Roberts on last night’s airing of 20/20. During the interviewthe 47-year-old singer opened up about late wife Whitney Houston, daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, his plans for the future, and more.

Here’s what we learned:

Bobby Believes Nick Gordon Is Responsible For The Deaths Of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina:

“It was not a mystery to me,” Brown said to Roberts. “I know exactly what happened to my daughter. The same thing that happened to my daughter is what happened to Whitney. There was only one person that was around both occasions.”

“You won’t say his name – Nick Gordon is who you’re referring to,” Roberts said to Bobby.

“I won’t say his name,” Brown responded.

The First Time He Saw Whitney Do Drugs Was On Their Wedding Day:

Bobby revealed that Whitney did cocaine before walking down the aisle back in 1992.

“She did drugs, but drugs didn’t do her. She knew how to handle herself,” Brown said of the incident. “It only made me, you know, love and want to protect her more at the time.”

Though Bobby was a witness, he said he wasn’t the reason for Whitney’s habit—and that he kept it away from their daughter Bobbi Kristina. “I always made a point to not let her see me or my wife in that type of situation, in that type of feeling,” he continued. “It’s hard when, you know, you’re doing it every day.”

Brown’s Wife Wants The Best For Him:

“He has feelings, he has emotions,” wife and manager Alicia Etheredge-Brown said of Bobby. “I don’t think [people] know that … He has a good days and bad days, and he struggles like everybody else. He gets on his knees, and he prays, and he asks for support, and he has really strong faith.”

“When you’re living with somebody who has fought so many addictions and has come so far and then you see there is still something holding them back … you just want to help them,” she added. “So I’m learning, obviously, with this process, how to be supportive.”

Brown Has His Eyes Set On The Future:

During the interview, Brown expressed his desire to continue pursuing acting and music. Aside from currently being on tour, he said he is “probably going to do one more album,” and is also working on a barbecue sauce line.

His new book, a memoir titled Every Little Step, comes out June 13.


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