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Chris Brown has his hand wrapped around Kevin McCall‘s throat—figuratively, of course—and he just won’t let up.

Back in March, the two got into it after McCall called Brown out on Twitter, writing that he’d felt taken advantage of by the singer, before saying C.B. was a coward who would “never” respond (see below). Apparently, Kevin doesn’t know Chris that well, because it didn’t take him long to put his two cents in. Needless to say, it got ugly.

Things are no better these days, as the two were all over Instagram on Tuesday night exchanging insults for the world to eat up. Breezy took the opportunity to ether his one time “Deuces” collaborator, calling his parenting into question time and time again while spilling some tea.

Watch it get brutal below:


In addition to the written exchanges, there were these videos uploaded by Brown and captured by The Shade Room. At one point, the singer even said McCall better watch his mouth before he makes him sing background for his daughter Royalty. Ouch.


Do you think Chris and Kevin can let bygones be bygones? Leave your thoughts below.

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty, The Shade Room

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