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We know who Lil Wayne is rooting for in the NBA Finals this year.

Just when LeBron haters were starting to doubt his ability, the Cleveland powerhouse pulled off an upset win against Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors in Game 3 last night.

In an effort to celebrate not only LeBron, but the whole team, Lil Wayne linked up with Ben Billions to record “OFF OFF OFF.”

“Tatted up like J.R Smith/ What was that sound? That was swish/ Shoutout to Shumpert and Trist/ They got the rebounds and defense/ Stop all that crying about Delly game,” raps Lil Wayne.

“You know LeBron want hella rings/ You know lil Kev got hella rings/ Y’all been down with T. Lue since he was wearing braids/ Here comes the fast break, just get out the man’s way/ It’s lead by LeBron and he’s sunk like an earthquake,” he continues.

Take a listen to “OFF OFF OFF” below.

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