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Cam’ron Giles is a man of many talents, and entrepreneurship is clearly one of them.

After venturing into the fields of clothing, capes, Ebola masks, Killa Crunch cereal, and more, the Contraband rapper has landed on a new million dollar business venture: toilet paper.

He first announced the idea during an interview with Sirius XM’s DJ Superstar Jay and Gray Rizzy, and now, he’s put some money into the cash cow.

According to TMZ, “he’s already dropped $21K for a machine to manufacture the paper, and plans to buy 2 more.” He also promises “AT LEAST 2 ply comfort” because “When it’s time to take a shit, you don’t want no paper cuts in your ass. It’s a real problem.”

It is a real issue, and we’re glad he’s here to solve it. Ladies, and gentleman, get your Wet Wipes with Killa Cam; you won’t be sorry.


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