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Future may have had a change of heart.

TMZ reports that the DS2 rapper has dropped his lawsuit against his ex Ciara. According to the news outlet, because Future is getting more time with his son (he won joint custody back in May), he no longer sees the lawsuit as necessary.

TMZ also reports that sources close to Future say he’d rather keep the peace to avoid further custodial issues. Ciara, however, is reportedly still moving forward with her lawsuit. If you recall, Ciara hit Future with a $15 million defamation lawsuit after he called her a “controlling b*tch” on Twitter.

VladTV reported the details:

“The lawsuit claimed that Future was maliciously trying to damage her career by speaking negatively to the public in reference to her. Directly following the news of the lawsuit announcement, email correspondence between both Ciara and Future’s lawyers were leaked to the public. In the chain of emails, Ciara’s lawyers draws several references to Future’s blow up via Twitter in January, and even suggests that if Future only apologized and retracted his statement regarding Ciara, the lawsuit would go away. However, instead of the situation blowing over, Future, countersued his baby’s mother claiming that her career was long over before his tweets came along. He even accuses Ciara of using Russell Wilson and their son to garner publicity. On Monday, alleged footage of both Ciara and Future going before the judge was captured in a grainy 15-second video.”

Future quickly countersued—but hopefully the fact that he’s dropped his lawsuit means better and brighter days.


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