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Steph Curry had a frustrating run during Game 6. But no one seemed more agitated than his wife Ayesha Curry, who in defense of her husband, tweeted accusations of the NBA being rigged. The tweets were deleted shortly after, but of course, not in time to stop the media frenzy from happening.

Steph naturally caught some heat for that, and in a press conference ahead of Game 7, addressed his wife’s eyebrow-raising comments.

“What’s between me and Ayesha, the conversations about what happened, that’s gonna be handled,” said the point guard, “but other than that, that doesn’t take any spotlight off of what my job is on the floor and what these next 48 minutes are gonna be like in Game 7, so that’s all I’m worried about.”

He went on to poke fun at his wife’s Twitter fingers, saying, “I might have to cut off the Wi-Fi at my house, though.”

Game 7 of the  NBA Finals kicks off at the Oracle Arena tonight at 8pm ET.