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Fat Joe, who was accused of cheating late rapper Big Pun out of at least $2 million, is settling a lawsuit with Pun’s family. According to BOSSIP, a deal was made with Liza Rios, Pun’s widow, that will stop her breach of contract case from going to trial.


“Big Pun’s widow sued Fat Joe and music publisher Jelly’s Jams for breach of contract, alleging that Fat Joe reneged on a deal to split Pun’s music profits, and wants his back royalties, advances and money from using his songs on TV and in movies.

‘We are pleased with the settlement,’ Rios’ lawyer Lita Rosario told BOSSIP. ‘We think it was fair, and we’re pleased.'”

In an interview with Hip-Hop DX last year, Rios opened up about the lawsuit:

“He loved Joe and the squad,” she said. “That was his heart. So for him to give so much to them, and give so much to Terror Squad, and make Terror Squad what it was, because he made it what it was…for them to turn their backs on his family, his kids… he’d be heartbroken.”

Fat Joe’s lawyers reportedly declined to comment. Head over to BOSSIP to see a photo of the settlement.


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