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We almost never get to see Beyoncé when she doesn’t know the world is watching. But a cell phone video of Bey at lunch with her husband Jay Z, brother-in-law Alan Ferguson and a group of friends gives us a rare, uncurated look at the mega-star when she’s just hanging with her inner circle.

A few observations from the clip, which was actually taken by her sister Solange as she arrived at what appears to be her birthday lunch: Bey has amazing posture. She even fidgets on beat. And she doesn’t leave her phone out during family time (notice, as one commenter did, that nobody at the power table is on their phone):

But nothing beats Bey’s reaction when she realizes she’s on camera. Don’t look so worried, Bey! You look amazing as usual!

Earlier in the day, Yoncé and Solange got in a few more Snapchat moments, and this time Bey knew she was being filmed. Hilariously, she can’t help put perfect her little sister’s struggling camera game. In the video it appears that the pair are standing in front of an airplane, trying to get the focus right on her camera phone. “What about your zoom? Your uncomfortable zoom,” Beyoncé says in the background as Solo tried to smoothly tighten the shot.

Can’t get enough of these Knowles sister moments, and thanks to Solo’s Snap and her “uncomfortable zoom,” we might get a lot more of them in the future.