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Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is known to involve himself in all things messy. So it certainly comes as no shock that he’s volunteered his two cents about the cheating scandal between exes Nick Young and Iggy Azalea.

Rather than call his fellow NBA cohort to the carpet for his cheating ways, Gilbert insists that Iggy knew he was a ‘dog’ and has no one else to blame but herself for the embarrassment.

“My N***a hit iggy with the #back2back cheating … she said she was gonna cut that s*** OFF if she caught you cheating AGAIN,” Gilbert said in a cruel Instagram post with…rather interesting hashtags. “Blame yo self iggy…you knew damn well you couldnt leave yo dog at the house with no DOG FOOD. You didnt leave #NoPuppyChow #NoPedagree #NokibblesAndBits no nothing how was he suppose to eat?”


The formerly engaged couple had a very public breakup recently, with Iggy telling the public that she broke things off with Nick after catching him cheating on their home security footage. Luckily for Iggy, not every agrees with Arenas. The rapper received support from fans and celebs including Amber Rose.


Meanwhile, Nick seems to be quite unbothered by the drama.


Is Gilbert is being way too harsh on Iggy, or does he have a point?

IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Instagram