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Tyga dropped the video for his single, “1 of 1” and fans have some pretty serious questions for the rapper.

The MC cast Yeezus model Amina Blue as the female lead in the video — in fact, the two made news last month when she appeared on his Snapchat and Instagram pages — and while the video isn’t all bad, many are not at all happy with the fact that the only Jamaican women in the video basically spend the entirety of it as background props.

No one likes cultural appropriation, but that is exactly what appears to be going on in “1 of 1.” Twitter users are letting Tyga know that they want none of it.

To be fair, not much is known about Amina’s background, but the optics of the video aren’t really great. In addition, the rapper is also being put on blast for biting Drake‘s hit, “Controlla.” While Drake obviously didn’t create the sound, we can at least partially thank him for brining it back to the forefront of pop music. Now people are calling Tyga out for trying to jump on the back of that success.

Interestingly, Tyga is actually of Jamaican descent. But Twitter has spoken, and it looks like “1 of 1” isn’t going to be the hit Tyga obviously hoped it would be.

Looks like his time away from Kylie Jenner didn’t do much for his musical talent after all.

SOURCE: TheShadeRoom | PHOTO: Getty