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Summer 2016 has been filled with racial tension following the fatal police shootings of two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The reality is, despite the tragic deaths, the world cannot be put on pause. Movies are being released, red carpets are still happening, awards shows are still being held, etc. However, if celebrity platforms are being used properly, these events give many a chance to have their voices be heard.

With that said, we attended the red carpet for the summer hit The Infiltrator, and wanted to hear from the cast and special guests what their message for America is following the horrific deaths of Sterling, Castile, and the Dallas police officers.

From Bryan Cranston to John Leguizamo, the red carpet attendees delivered powerful, strong messages the world needs to hear. America, listen up and tune in.

The Infiltrator is in theaters now.

Celebrities React To The Death Of Philando Castile, Who Was Shot & Killed By Police
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