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Fans of the hit Starz show Power have been counting down the days until their favorite series makes its return.

Thankfully, BlogXilla caught up with the cast and director to discuss all the drama from the hit show’s highly anticipated third season.

Executive Producer and star 50 Cent said that Ghost and Tommy’s new rivalry (played by Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikora respectively) is similar to that of him and Floyd Mayweather.

He revealed, “They’re not really enemies. They love each other, they’ve grown up with each other. It’s just like me and Floyd’s fight. It’s that thing that happens in public and you’re like, ‘They’ll kill each other, they’re very angry.’ But that’s my brother. I don’t want to hurt him or see anything bad happen to him in any way.”

Joseph Sikora said that he’s so invested in his character this time around, he starts to feel as if it’s a reality: “When you’re invested in these characters – and I feel like I’m really invested in Tommy – he becomes so alive. I think that with your body, your brain, your heart and your mind…you’re really doing some of these things. It’s pretend, but you are living with those emotions. So sometimes when it’s a heavy day [on set], it’s a heavy day [off set].”

As for the show’s lead character, Ghost, Hardwick said this season is all about watching his back and figuring out who to trust. When asked what is going through Ghost’s mind coming into season three, Omari said, “How to outrun the ghosts that are chasing him. He’s made, in my opinion, a very bad bargain [between his wife Tasha and the love of his life Angela]. With all the ghosts that are chasing him, if he outruns that, It’s Ghost on steroids now.”

Check out the full interview above and catch the season 3 premiere of Power on Sunday, July 17 on Starz.

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