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Kim Kardashian had a surprise for everyone on National Snake Day.

Unlike her usual shockers, this time Kim broke the internet using the powers of her mind and not her body — and Taylor Swift was the culprit.

Early on Sunday afternoon, Mrs. West subtly warned her fans that she had some tea to spill by tweeting her excitement for National Snake Day — just days after throwing some shade at T-Swift in her GQ article, saying:

In a somewhat calculated move, one of Kim’s story lines in the latest episode was drama surrounding Taylor denying that she’d heard Kanye West‘s “Famous” song before it was released.

Kim, fed up with the media slandering her husband, called the “Shake It Off” singer out on the show, saying she’s fake and likes to play victim.

Just days after Calvin Harris unintentionally started the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty on Twitter by calling her out on her shady ways against him, Kim took her shot to drag the media darling by pulling receipts of Taylor’s convo with Kanye. Ye apparently records all of his studio sessions, and Kim took to Snapchat to post the footage of Kanye telling her about the lyrics in his new song, “Famous”:

In the videos, Taylor goes so far as to claim that she will tell the media on the red carpets that Kanye called her before the song came out. However, once the song was released, Taylor and her people denied having heard the song at all, and made Kanye out to be the bad guy, again.

After Kim spilled all that tea, Taylor took to Instagram to respond:

With all the drama between Taylor and Calvin going on this summer, Kim is being praised on social media for putting the nail in the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty coffin.

Who knew that Mrs. West was a savage?

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