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As the weeks and months go by Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are getting more and more excited about the coming birth of their daughter and a source close to the family told Us Weekly that the two “couldn’t be happier.”

With just three months until their October due date, the couple have debated hiring a baby nurse and are already making plans to build an “over-the-top extravagant” nursery at Rob’s Calabasas home.

Is it possible that the reason they want to hire some extra help, and that their nursery will be so over-the-top is because they are actually expecting two new additions to their family?

We’ve heard this rumor before, but the past couple of days offered a few new pieces of evidence. Firstly, the family source revealed today that the couple are expecting a girl. But just yesterday, Chyna’s dad clearly told Now magazine that his daughter and future son-in-law are eagerly anticipating a boy. So…maybe both reports are true, and the couple are expecting one of each?

What’s more, Chyna has been pretty vocal about her intention to gain 100 lbs. during her pregnancy — which is not that far off base from the norm when you’re growing two babies instead of one.

The couple has made no comment on the rumors one way or the other, but they are known to play with us again and again when it comes to rumors about their personal lives. We’ll surely find out the truth soon enough, because cameras have already started trailing the stars for the upcoming E! docuseries, Rob & ChynaThe same source told UsWeekly, “Everything will be on the show.”

SOURCE: Us Weekly | PHOTO: Getty