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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey‘s soon-to-be ex-husband, Peter Thomas, joined the Wendy Williams Show on Thursday morning to discuss his life post-split, and the surprise announcement of divorce.

Wendy asked, “Were you into being married?”

I loved being married,” he said. “I love going to bed with one woman, waking up with one woman.”

Williams then asked Thomas why he though the marriage didn’t work, which is when the shade kicked in: “I don’t think she embraced [marriage] much for the fact that she has been single all her adult life and been independent all her adult life,” the silver fox explained. “So, getting married at 42 when you now have to comprise and you have to share decisions and all of that, I don’t think she really embraced it the way I did.”

Check out the clip below, skip ahead to 7:00 if you want to see Thomas open up about his failed marriage:


He continued, “I don’t take money from my wife. And now that we’re getting divorced…I don’t want a dime from our divorce she can have everything.”

Thomas also added that he and Bailey’s daughter, Noelle, are still close and speak often. It seems that Thomas is done letting Cynthia do all the talking about his marriage because, as He explained, he doesn’t intend to leave the show anytime soon.

SOURCE: Hip Hollywood | PHOTO: Getty