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It was all good just a week ago for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

The couple, who announced every facet of their relationship on social media, has been weirdly absent for the last couple of weeks. But on Monday, Rob Kardashian unfollowed and erased all signs of his fiancée Chyna from his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Chyna’s IG page is intact with photos of her and Rob as happy as ever. Kim Kardashian revealed to E! News that she recently spoke to Chy via FaceTime, which could mean that everyone is reading too deep into the couple’s social media absence.

Kim said: “I was FaceTiming with Chyna the other day and explaining to North that there was a baby in her belly and then sharing the sonogram pictures with North and explaining to her that this is her little cousin and it’s so exciting we have a new cousin coming.”

Rob and Blac Chyna are also in the process of filming their new spin-off series. Maybe the social media cleanse is a fresh start and a new beginning.

Only time will tell.

SOURCE: E! Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 

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