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Remember that time Kim Kardashian was on MTV’s The Hills?

Yeah, we forgot, too. But thanks to the show’s 10-year-anniversary special on MTV last night, we were able to witness the moment.

For those who need a quick refresher, Kim actually used to organize Heidi Montag’s closet. Spencer Pratt revealed this tidbit to Complex, also sharing that the footage was “edited out” from the show.

“Now it’s like, ‘Kim Kardashian breaks the internet with her booty,'” he said. “Like, what the fuck? That’s real life for us.”

Now onto the recap of the never-before-seen moment via Cosmopolitan:

Heidi walks into frame with Kim and viewers catch them in mid-conversation. ‘This is our arcade room now.’ Kim and Heidi move to the jellyfish tank and Kim asks, ‘What is this?’

Heidi confirms, ‘It’s our jellyfish.’ Kim says it’s ‘really cool.’ Heidi continues, ‘We’re the only people in America to have jellyfish.’ Kim asks Brody what he’s doing for Memorial Day and says she’s going to Las Vegas.

Heidi asks if she’s going to the VMAs. Kim says she leaves for Vegas ‘in the morning.'”

Crazy how much things can change in 10 years.

Head over to Cosmo for more screenshots of the flashback.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan, Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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