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Jonah Hill and Miles Teller deliver in their new movie War Dogs. The two actors team up with Hangover director Todd Phillips for their roles as arms dealers in the fast-paced drama.

Based on a true story, Efraim Diveroli (played by Jonah Hill) is a lying, yet charming schemer who teams up with his best friend David Packouz (played by Miles Teller). Diveroli is sick of his job as a male massage therapist and recruits his buddy to supply weapons for U.S. allies in Afghanistan. Their get rich quick scheme almost costs them their lives.

Jonah and Miles sat down with BlogXilla for this week’s episode of Extra Butter to discuss the making of War Dogs.

Oscar-nominated Jonah Hill explained the difficulty of this role: “This guy is really evil. He’s manipulative, kinda mastermind, but he also has this ability to charm people to get whatever he wants. This is a very interesting character to play.”

Miles revealed that based on their schedules, the actors didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse for these roles, so he headed over to Jonah’s house to figure things out: “We got the bond being on the side of the world with not many people who spoke English and got to know each other that way.”

Watch this week’s Extra Butter for a behind the scenes look and tons of information about War Dogs, in theaters August 19th.

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