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Soulful newcomer Masego and Brooklyn duo Brasstracks team up on a feel-good song about self-love and colorism titled “Melanin Man.”

Inspired by a positive encounter with an Uber driver in Los Angeles, saxophonist and vocalist Masego decided to turn the inspiration into an actual song.

“‘Melanin Man’ was inspired by the words of an Uber driver in LA,” Masego said. “Before I got out of the car (he said), ‘They’re scared of you, young man. You’re a king and they all know it. They want your culture, your soulful element and your style. You’re Melanin Man, a superhero. Be safe out here.’ Then I got out the car and took that all in.” 

“As time went on, tragedy after tragedy occurred, police, Blacks, Whites, youth, were all part of the war. I didn’t want to become desensitized to it, so I went back to the principles of a hero of mine, Kendrick Lamar, about love,” he continued.

“I want to promote self-love in efforts to heal the hate. Melanin is the shine in us all and that’s why it’s not just for my people, but all people. This song is much greater than us, so I’m thankful for what God will do with it.”

“Melanin Man” is featured on Brasstracks’ new EP Good Love, which is available on iTunes. Take a listen below.

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