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Blac Chyna may be nearly as famous for her butt as she is for having a Kardashian heir, but no one could have seen this endorsement coming…or maybe they could have.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Sunday night Blac Chyna promoted a product called “Booty Pop,” which is supposed to be an “all-natural booty enhancer.” How “natural” it truly is seems to be in question, however.

From TMZ:

“Chyna posted an ad promoting Booty Pop, a spray that claims to be an “All Natural Booty Enhancer.” The endorsement was fleeting … she deleted the post almost immediately — perhaps because the company is bombing with the Better Business Bureau. 

Apex Vitality, which makes Booty Pop, gets a C from the BBB — and a ton of reviewers don’t even give it that much credit. We checked and some call it a straight-up rip-off. One person said she was grossly overcharged and wanted someone to ‘shut them down immediately because this is one big scam.'”

TMZ has reached out to both Blac Chyna’s team and Apex Vitality, but they’ve yet to hear back.

We’re gonna guess they’re sweeping this product under the rug.



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