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DJ Khaled is not here for “they.”

“They” don’t want you to win, and “they” don’t want to you wear Goyard. After hosting the MTV VMAs, DJ Khaled hit multiple after parties where he was pictured wearing a navy blue Goyard bomber jacket.

Fashion lovers quickly contacted the luxury brand on Twitter to get more information about the never-before-seen bomber jacket, and well, Goyard played the popular producer/DJ.

A fan tweeted, “@goyard is this a fake or just a one-off for Khaled?”

The brand quickly tweeted back, “Not AT ALL an official Goyard item, that’s for sure, and most likely a total fake…

Yikes, that was harsh. But in the words of DJ Khaled, don’t ever play yourself.

Khaled caught wind of the luxury brand accusing him of wearing a knock-off, and he tweeted:

Goyard quickly realized it might’ve jumped the gun on the situation and admitted although the bomber jacket wasn’t an item it manufactured, it was made from authentic Goyard silk scarves.

Goyard eventually deleted its tweets accusing Khaled of counterfeiting the merchandise. Being a nice guy and a phenomenal brand ambassador, Khaled smoothed things over with Goyard and prompted fans to shop on the luxury brand’s site.

Now, that’s what we call #ClothTalk.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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