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A little over a month ago, I sat down with Erica Mena. It was roughly a week after Shad Moss (Bow Wow) did an interview with Vlad TV and spoke about their relationship in-depth for over 15 minutes. So when Erica stopped by, I had to ask her about their status.

Erica didn’t really want to talk about it and tried her best to avoid the subject, but eventually she let go of her frustration. She’s tired of Shad bringing her up because they’ve been broken up for over a year and she would like to move on.

Yesterday, I posted a clip of this interview on Twitter and it went nuts. Bow Wow threatened to “***** me up“, and he blocked me on social media.

Here’s the entire interview for you to watch and make your own opinion on everything that was talked about.

What I see is a woman who clearly wants to move on – all the way down to her saying the last time she cried was when her relationship with Shad ended.

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