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Last year, Denzel Washington became the subject of a hilarious meme called “Uncle Denzel,” after a particularly LOL-worthy photo of the Oscar winner at a boxing match captured the imagination of the internet.

Now, thanks to our own brave BlogXilla, the real Denzel and “Uncle Denzel” met for the first time, during our exclusive interview with the actor about his upcoming film The Magnificent Seven. To say Denzel’s reaction is priceless is putting it mildly. With a speech as Oscar-worthy as a monologue from one of his films, Denzel tells his haters to take several seats.

Wanna know what it’s like to get the book thrown at you by Alonzo Harris? Watch our interview, above.

And below, some of our favorite “Uncle Denzel” memes, because we couldn’t help it:

The Magnificent Seven is in theaters on September 23rd.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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