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Love & Hip Hop decided to cash in on the lifestyle gaming phenomenon set into motion by Kim Kardashian last year, and the universal reaction from Twitter was: what took so long?

If you’re a fan of the show (admit it, you are), the mobile game gives you the chance to insert yourself directly into the narrative as a rising pop star thrust into the limelight and all the jealousy, backlash and costume changes that come with it.

We went ahead and played the game so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found:

Before you do anything else, the game makes you select a gender and, if you’re a woman, customize your curves (top and bottom separately, of course). The setup comes with a warning that “your gender and size are permanent.” Uh..since when?

We went with a bodacious singer named Sunshine, about to make her big debut at a rooftop showcase for a label. But as soon as she sings her first few notes, another artist hops on stage, grabs the mic and accuses her of stealing her song.

Flash back to “Months Earlier…” and we’re finally at Level One. Sunshine just arrived in Brooklyn from whatever no name hometown where she’s from. Her first call is to Lauren, her only friend in the city. Sunshine heads over to Lauren’s spot, where she’ll be crashing, and changes for work (oh yeah! conveniently, Sunshine already has a job at a hot recording studio).

Of course, Sunshine is discovered almost instantly by the record producer she works for, and her rise to stardom — and this game, after a pretty slow start — is finally off and running.

Moving through the levels, there are many choices to make. What to wear in a given situation is chief among them — ripped jeans, a bustier and booties or a gown with lots of revealing cutouts for a night at a club packed with label executives? — though, interestingly, you can only accessorize your ‘fits once you reach higher levels. Another big choice: when you come across another character, do you flirt, or act professional? Flirting cuts off any chance of a professional relationship, but makes the game way more interesting. Acting professional will get you through the levels faster, but makes for a somewhat boring game.

Currently, we’re at Level Five and doing battle with established star Red Roxy (the one who accused us of stealing her song in the intro).

So, what’s the verdict? In short: Levels 1-4 are relatively boring (or, maybe we just made too many smart choices) but once the antagonist Red Roxy enters the picture, it really starts to take off. Just like on reality TV, playing this game, you quickly learn that the more shade you throw, the more fun it is.

Pretty sure we won’t be getting much else done the rest of the day.

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