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Brody Jenner, gather yourself.

Kim Kardashian‘s ex-stepbrother, by way of Caitlyn Jenner, saw fit to hop on Instagram and show the world just how racist and deeply unwoke he is. But apparently, his father, Cait, is voting for Donald Trump in November (and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree), so how surprised are we, really?

After angering the public by backing a message that blamed Keith Lamont Scott for his own death over the weekend, Brody got back on the ‘Gram and doubled down on his thoughts. In the original Instagram post concerning the racially fueled police shooting, Brody’s friend claimed Scott’s death had nothing to do with race, but was instead a result of his own noncompliance.

Without discussing any of the facts in the Scott case, Brody’s friend shared his opinion about what allegedly went on, completely ignoring all of the cases where Black people are shot down in cold blood whether they’re following police orders or not. He also attempts to put himself in the shoes of the oppressed, because clearly he knows what it’s like to face police as a person of color …

Instagram user @taylormosher wrote:

Brody reposted his friend’s sad and racist ideology, adding “AMEN T!!” to express his approval.

After deleting the repost, Brody responded to an angry critic with “Hate is not the answer. #alllivesmatter.” He then echoed that message alongside a photo of puppies and more.

We know Brody best from his appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but to be honest, he showed many signs of being a troubled person in those episodes as well.

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