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Blac Chyna is everybody’s hero these days and gets a ton of credit for talking all kinds of sense. Well, now we know where she gets it.

After Rob Kardashian‘s Twitter meltdown last night, prompted by the news that his fiancèe (possibly ex, according to latest reports) was not invited to a baby shower his sisters are throwing for their unborn baby girl, Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni took to social media to share her two cents. And, basically, she rules.

In a Periscope video, Ms. Toni surprisingly sides with Kylie Jenner and the rest of the KarJenner girls, saying they’re under no obligation to invite Chyna to a shower thrown for the child she’s carrying (that’s very big of her, but — what?).

“They have a brother that they haven’t talked too or been around, this is something private that they wanted to share with their brother, which is a child, who is having a child, which is their niece,” she says. “So what if they didn’t invite her, it wasn’t for her its for her daughter. At the end of the day it goes to her, good s***.”

Wow. No way we would’ve kept it this classy. All the more reason to believe the KarJenners would be lucky to have Chyna in the family, and not the other way around.
For her part, Chyna hasn’t said a word about this drama except to post a sweet emoji on Kris Jenner‘s Instagram:
Hopefully she and Rob will work things out – or, even better, if she leaves all their crazy behind and just moves in with Amber Rose.
SOURCE: TheShadeRoom | PHOTO: Getty