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What goes around definitely comes back to bite you in your pageant gown – at least that’s the case for Baylee Curran, who accused Chris Brown of pulling a gun out on her earlier this year.

In hopes of being crowned Miss California, Curran was a contestant in the Miss Greater Inland Empire Pageant last weekend (which is a preliminary for Miss Cali) and when it came time for the evening gown competition, she got the most ironic surprise of her life.

According to pageant goers, the DJ humorously decided to play Brown’s hit song “Don’t Wake Me Up” as Curran strut down the runway. Pageant directors say the song choice was purely a coincidence and people in the audience say it didn’t appear that Curran even noticed. But after the kind of summer she had following her allegations about CB, there’s no way she didn’t notice his music playing during her walk.

Either way, she didn’t even place in the competition and left the show early.


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