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Vince Staples tweeted a statement about the Christian mom whose tearful rant about Staples’ song “Norf Norf” went viral last week. You may be surprised by the young Cali MC’s response.

The mom was shaken up after hearing Staples’ vulgar lyrics on the radio saying, “I’m raising four little girls, and that just breaks my heart that that is the kind of music that’s being played.” The concerned mom closed the nearly 12-minute video warning her fellow parents, “you guys need to be paying attention.”

“That was on our Top Hits radio station. Yes, the cuss words were bleeped out, but did you just hear that? My daughter will never listen to that radio station again. Ever. I am shaking. I cannot believe that filth is on there. Parents, I strongly encourage you to listen to what your kids are listening to… I just don’t even understand why they think that’s OK… Let’s just encourage kids to run from the police because that’s O.K., right?… We wonder why this society is so messed up — just listen to the music.”

The Long Beach rapper tweeted a brief response to the mom’s video, defending her right to be offended and blaming her confusion on lack of context.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO: Getty