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Many celebrities have been targeted for perpetuating the age-old tale that most successful Black men only date and marry White women.

From Nate Parker to Omari Hardwick, fans have chastised the actors for being with White women–now Luke Cage star Mike Colter has been added to that list. Colter stopped by The Breakfast Club earlier this week to discuss the success of the Netflix series, but of course he had to address the elephant in the room.

When asked about The Wendy Williams Show episode when some members of the audience stopped cheering when a photo of Colter’s wife appeared on the screen, he said, “I love my sistas. People always go, ‘man that’s his type.’ If somebody caught a sista walking around with a 6-foot -seven brotha, is that her type? Next week you see her walking with a short brotha or Spanish guy – do we have to have a type? I’m a human being. I look at people for character and what’s inside.”

Colter continued to defend his 16-year union with his wife, adding, “Physically that’s one thing but you gotta be on the same page. I met my wife when I was struggling in grad school. She stuck with me for 16 years… people don’t understand when it comes to being with somebody long term, it’s way more than skin color that’s gonna make it work.”

Despite the backlash, Marvel’s Luke Cage is making history on Netflix. It even reportedly “broke” the streaming service with too many people trying to watch, causing it to be down for hours. Check out a clip from Mike Colter’s interview above.


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