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Young M.A. is changing the game. Sure, there have been other great females emcees who can actually spit real bars like Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Rah Digga, MC Lyte and others, but Young M.A. is different.

During her latest interview on Vice’s Noisey she touches on what’s so different about her, “To hear a female talking about things that go on around them or things that she’s been through it’s kind of new for people because now you hear chicks and it’s about popping they pussy or shaking they ass for cash. So to hear my side of the story it’s like wow.”

While it is not new, because Lauryn Hill rapped about her life and other things besides sex, most female rappers lean more towards sexual content. So when it comes to hip-hop and Young M.A. this isn’t a Sprite commercial so image is everything. Her image adds to her persona, it adds to her skill, it makes everything she spits better, more authentic and easier to groove to.

Did the women that came before her raise the bar high enough M.A?  I’m not sure, because if there was a top ten list of female rappers, would all of the names actually be worthy of such a distinction? Did they write their own rhymes, do they have a catalog that can stand next to the legends, did they change the game? Lauryn Hill, arguably the greatest female emcee of all time, has one solo album, so does she even have enough material to be considered the greatest?

A few people shared their Top 10 female emcees with me on twitter:


These lists are exactly why Young M.A. is so interesting to me. All I see is potential. It won’t be long before she’ll be able to easily replace any name on the list and there won’t be a question about it. All I’m hearing from her is fire and hot joints. Its like when Tiger Woods first got into golf and we thought he would never lose.

Only time can tell what the future holds for Young M.A. But in my humble opinion she’s raising the bar for women rappers currently in the game, and those coming up behind her. Oooouuuu.

Check out her latest freestyle over the Quiet Storm beat.

SOURCE: Noisey | PHOTO: Getty