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No time like Halloween for racists, bigots and sexists to come out in full feather. Something about the holiday seems to give people license to do — and wear — the most offensive things. We already saw the company that decided to sell a Kim Kardashian robbery costume, but that’s nothing compared to the extremely racist mask that Walmart currently has for sale on its website:

According to the website’s description, the mask is meant to resemble Tupac — which only adds insult to injury.

Twitter is outraged by the #casualracism of the product — which, by the way, is already sold out — and is starting a boycott against the mega-retailer:

Hey, Walmart. #ThugLife is not a joke. This mask is the worst kind of appropriation, because it pokes fun at a deadly stereotype. Take it off your shelves. #BoycottWalmart ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿.