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The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Trump family.

Ivanka Trump made headlines on Thursday for her comments that are not as innocent as she portrays herself to be. Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti threw major shade at Donald Trump‘s eldest daughter, saying that he’d be surprised if she disapproved of her dad’s lewd comments.

Judging by his encounter with Ivanka at Manhattan dive bar Tropical 128 about a decade ago, Peretti tweeted:

Just hours before Peretti put her on blast, Ivanka appeared on a panel at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, where she spoke of how surprised she was at the “crude” language her father used on a 2005 Access Hollywood tape, telling the audience that she had found the recording “jarring” and called her father’s remarks “clearly inappropriate and offensive.”

But the socialite is denying claims that she made the “mulatto” comment, calling the claims a “total lie.” She told the Daily Mail, “I am not sure if this was meant to be a joke, but in case there is any ambiguity, this is a complete and total lie.” The Trump campaign also came to Ivanka’s defense, with campaign spokesman Jason Miller tweeting about Peretti:

Peretti, who is also anti-Trump, said the only reason he decided to reveal the private conversation now, after reading Ivanka’s comments about lewd language, was because ‘that experience was relevant.” He reportedly even axed an advertising deal with the Republican party over the summer because of their candidate’s campaign rhetoric.

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