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Hilary Duff new hairstyle.

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Hilary Duff rarely makes headlines for controversy, but her Halloween costume this year has everyone talking.

The actress and her boyfriend, Jason Walsh, sparked outrage on social media over the weekend after attending the Casamigos Halloween Party on Friday dressed as a Pilgrim and a Native American chief.

The pair, who made their first appearance as a couple at the soireé, was blasted on Twitter with people questioning Duff for approving Walsh’s costume, and wearing one just as insensitive:

After being flooded with tweets all weekend and being a trending topic for hours, Hilary took to Twitter to apologize for her insensitivity. On Sunday, she tweeted:

Walsh also apologized for the incident with a post on Instagram with a heartfelt apology:


Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh’s costume choice came at a particularly sensitive time. Many protests are happening in North Dakota against the construction of a pipeline that could destroy thousands of miles of sacred grounds for Native Americans. 

Source: Daily Mail|PHOTOCREDIT: Instagram, Splash

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