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Doctor Strange hits theaters Friday and it’s a different look at the Marvel Universe we haven’t seen before. This movie plays with dimensions and the technology that Inception made famous to give you depth, action, and some killer fight scenes.

On this week’s Extra Butter with BlogXilla, I go inside the mind of the characters as Benedict Cumberbatch breaks down his portrayal of Doctor Stephen Strange and Benedict Wong talks about his updated version of Strange’s manservant Wong, a librarian who might break your fingers if you’re late returning books.

Doctor Strange has interesting characters, but the action in this film lives up to the Marvel standard; they do as many practical stunts as possible. I sat down with director Scott Derrickson, who broke down one of the movie’s big stunts––and the behind the scenes footage is awesome.

Before you go see Doctor Strange, in theaters on November 4th, check out this behind the scenes look at Marvel’s latest superhero.

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