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The state of Kanye West‘s mental health is still in question as inside sources say the rapper remains hospitalized and is currently suffering from extreme paranoia.

Sadly, Kanye and Kim spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Allegedly, Kanye is so paranoid he has suspicions that people are out to get him and refuses to let the doctors touch him. His ever-supportive wife Kim Kardashian-West, who is still recovering from the terrifying robbery in Paris, hasn’t left his side since his admission. The triggers for Kanye’s breakdown have been attributed to everything from his busy touring and fashion schedule, exhaustion/dehydration, and especially the anniversary of his mother Donda West’s untimely death.

Fans captured the unraveling of Kanye’s state of mind during the final moments of his now halted Saint Pablo Tour, where he performed three songs, went on a bizarre rant against Jay-Z, Beyonce and the media and abruptly ended the show. Days later, Kanye was admitted to UCLA Medical Center and put on psychiatric hold after he started behaving erratically at his trainer’s home.

With proper care and vigilance, doctors hope to send Kanye home on Monday under close medical supervision. We’re wishing Kanye a speedy recovery.