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Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two

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It’s all fun and games with Dwight Howard until someone disrespectfully calls him out.

On Sunday, the former Laker returned to the Staples Center with his new team, the Atlanta Hawks, only to find out that he isn’t as missed in the city as he may have thought. Following the game, in which the Lakers beat the Hawks 109-94, Howard had to be physically restrained after getting into it with a Lakers fan.

In TMZ footage of the altercation, you can hear a man loudly shouting obscenities at Howard, and at one point, he says,“You’re a b**ch!” 

Howard was on his way to the locker room when he heard the 20-something heckler, then turned around and told him, “Come back here and say it.”

The NBA star then attempted to attack the fan, before a team official grabbed him and physically pushed the brolic athlete back toward the tunnel. After leaving such a prestigious franchise, Dwight Howard should prepare for more slander.

Check out the footage above.


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