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Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West have had their fair share of ups and downs, but that didn’t stop Wiz from offering his sound advice to Yeezy.

The “See You Again” rapper was spotted leaving Catch in NYC on Monday night when TMZ asked about ‘Ye’s recent breakdown. Instead of taking the opportunity to be petty toward his nemesis, Wiz sounded extremely sympathetic about Kanye’s recent hospitalization and even offered a natural remedy for his mental health issues.

When asked if he thinks ‘Ye’s breakdown was well deserved, Wiz answered, “Nah man, nothing like that. He need to smoke some weed. Smoke some KK, make your day day all better.” 

As you may recall, Kanye and Wiz went to battle in one of the craziest celebrity Twitter beefs in history, in which Kanye went ballistic after Wiz offered him some KK weed. ‘Ye took that as a diss to his wife Kim Kardashian and went so far as to say he owned Wiz and Amber Rose’s son Sebastian.

Although it seems as though the rappers are over the petty altercation, Wiz has one last thing to say about Kanye, with a hint of petty added. He told reporters, “I’ma send him some [KK weed] to the mental institution.”

Shade or no shade? Check out the video above.


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