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We’ve been rooting for Lamar Odom, but so far things haven’t been looking too good.

The troubled dad had a near death experience after a recreational drug binge at a Nevada brothel last year, at which point then-estranged wife Khloe Kardashian returned to his side to champion his health, and really, his life. Back on the up and up, Lamar started partying and drinking again shortly after, which brings us to today’s reports that he’s taking another stab at rehab.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that his marriage to KoKo will have officially ended in four days? Maybe losing the love of his life helped him put things into perspective. “Lamar is getting treatment in the San Diego area, and made the decision to go on his own … according to a source close to the former NBA star. We’re told he’s been there for 4 days, and will remain there for an extended stay,” TMZ says of the former athlete.

Lamar’s been seen out and about at multiple bars over the past year, even having a drink (or three?) on Easter Sunday ahead of church with Khloe. Still, something tells us he can turn it around.

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